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Gavin Harrison






Full Length

5 Cast

When I am King


William, a 17 year old Autistic boy living in Edwardian England, struggles to fit in with a society that doesn’t understand or accept his condition. When war breaks out across Europe in 1914, he finds his world turns upside down when his brother and only true friend joins the army. Facing harassment and pressure to sign up and with the distress at not having his brother by his side, William joins the army, in the hope that he can bring his brother back home.

Amongst bringing a unique story set in one of the bloodiest wars in history, ‘When I am King’ focuses on the effects of Autism and how it was seen in a time where little was known and its impact in todays society. It also brings to light some little known facts about the War and its impact on those on the front line.

A 5 cast ensemble piece with minimal set and haunting sfx, bring this simple yet engaging story to life in a multitude of scenes from a simple kitchen to the trenches and the horror of warfare.
The aim of ‘When I am King’ is to raise awareness of Autism and as we approach and go into the centenary of the start of WW1, now is the perfect time to tell this timeless story. William’s Autism and his view of the world around him makes the connection deeper than any other story told about this tragic time in history.

With a run time of approx. 1hr 40min, ‘When I am King’ is an enjoyable, educational, thought provoking and engaging story.

“Curious Incident...” meets “War Horse”

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