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Gavin Harrison


The planet Tartarus is situated 125 Light years from Earth.

It is a violent, unpredictable, dark, rogue planet, almost as black as Space itself. Underneath its surface, however, is a wealth of natural fuel that is drilled out and shipped into colossal pods in the planets orbit, ready to refuel passing luxury spacecraft that carry thousands of Earths richest civilians on a holiday of a lifetime.

It is the job of the ship Alice and her crew to refuel these vessels before they head further out into space.

During their quietest time between refuelling, a 2 week ‘Holiday’ for the 6 crew, things begin to take a sinister turn.

Instead of enjoying some down time, the crew encounter a horror beyond imagination, beyond reach of help, and beyond human.

Due to intellectual property rights, a sample script cannot be made available until the release of the film. If you would like to read a sample of my work, please see other projects or use the contact form for specific requests.

Sci - Fi


Feature Length

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