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Gavin Harrison


Present Life

Running a busy coffee shop is one thing, operating a hectic children’s entertainment company in the basement is another. Managing both at the same time is what this show focuses on in this documentary style sitcom.

Based on and inspired by a real life company that I worked for, ‘Present Life’ follows the staff of the coffee shop and the actors for the company ‘Betsy and Bill’.

As the actors travel all over the town performing shows, the coffee shop takes on an unprecedented boost in sales, leaving the small management team trying to keep it all together.


We follow Tim, the flamboyant owner, who’s wife ‘Betsy’ has just had twins. His balance of work and home life is always at tipping point and isn’t helped by the regular appearance of Betsy’s ex-husband and old business partner ‘Bill’.

We follow the actors on the road and in shows with a look at what goes on behind the scenes of children’s entertainment. We speak to the parents and to the customers and ask what impact the business has had on their lives.

Each episode focuses on a situation, either in the coffee shop, on the road, or both. We see series length storylines that play a vital part in everybody’s life as both the coffee shop and theatre company expand and collapse, as well as episode long arcs that encompass what it is like to try to find success in such a tough economic climate, yet at the same time, trying to keep the energy and passion alive in the world of Children’s entertainment.

A comedy that reflects present-day life, with memorable characters, who take us on this journey.

‘Present Life’ is ‘The Office’ of the small business world.




40 min Episodes

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