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Gavin Harrison





Full Length

5 Cast

Killing Edward


"A lot can change during the course of a weekend, especially if you’re dead."


After a fatal accident whilst bird watching, friends and family of the recently deceased Edward Watkins soon discover their lives become entwined in a web of deceit, confusion and murder.


‘Killing Edward’ is a comedy about the loss of identity. Its aim to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s is shown through many different facets in each of the characters, predominately in Patrick: the long-term Alzheimer’s sufferer.


Over the course of a single weekend, their world is turned upside down as a series of hysterical and tragic events unfold that will ultimately change everyones lives.

Under the initial guidance of Sir Alan Ayckbourn, Gavin Harrison’s latest comedy is thought provoking, farcical and moving. Not many other plays tackle this subject matter with as much warmth, honesty and humour as Killing Edward.



"Very funny and well written" - David Suchet


"Really interesting and clever" - Jenny Seagrove

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