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Gavin Harrison



I have been writing screenplays since 2006, creating original content for actors showreels and through my  production company 'S2S Producitons', later known as 'Film GCH'. I moved in to feature film in 2012, when I wrote a treatment and script for a Sci-Fi Thriller titled 'Defectum' for a competition held by the BFI. Since then, I was commissioned to write a feature length Sci-Fi Horror for Derby based studio, 'Light Films' who's previous work included the 2015 Zombie film 'Wasteland'. A further two commissions followed, the first was for a trilogy of films with epidode one titled 'Rat Catcher', followed by a Thriller titled 'One Last Kill'. I also now head my own film production company titled 'SolarIce Films' where I create original content and short films. The first short was a comedy horror titled 'Clive' which is available to view here.

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