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Gavin Harrison



Exsolutio is about fate, choice and the redemption of the soul.


A New York journalist discovers she has a year left to live, after being told she is one of many names decoded in an ancient and mysterious book.


Every episode contains a newly discovered `Named' individual that questions the choices we have in life when faced with certain death.


We see episodic story lines that offer immediate answers and series structures that take us deeper into the mystery of the `Exsolutio' book and its origins.


Parallel story lines run alongside from different eras right back to colonial times, making the mystery compelling and its connection with the present day characters intriguing.


Locations predominately set in the East Coast, spreading across America in both location and on set.


Exsolutio is `Lost' meets `Person of Interest'.

As this project is still in development, only a 10 page cold opener is available to view online. Please contact me if you are interested in receiving a pack which includes Episode 1, Character breakdown, episodic and Series Treatment.





1 hour Episodes

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