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Gavin Harrison


Stitched Up

Keith is an oddball. A loner with the social tenacity of a dish cloth and absolutely no confidence when it comes to women. Even the thought of talking to a woman sends Keith into a state of silent shock and pushes Keith into listening to his self help tapes that his Dad won on bullseye back in the 80's. The only women Keith can converse with comfortably are the ones on his operating table while he performs plastic surgery. It is Keith's genius that keeps him in touch with society yet ostricises him at the same time; for nobody has the skills that Keith has. Especially when it comes to creating people...


A new take on the classic horror story 'Frankenstein', 'Stitched Up' is a 3-part comedy series written for TV and set in Manchester. With names attached such as John Thompson and Jim Bowen, 'Stitched Up' is a comedy drama that will make you see this tale in a whole new light.

As this project is still in development, sample scripts cannot be supplied online. Please contact me if you are interested in receiving a pack which includes Episode 1, Character breakdown and Series Treatment.



3 - Part

1 hour Episodes

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