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The TV turns on.

A party political broadcast plays.

It's no use, the TV can't change channel until it's over.

 They won't allow it.

“We are the party who brought the light at the end of the tunnel; the solution to all our financial worries and the answers to all your questions. It is because of us that the over crowded and expensive prison programme was eradicated due to our revolutionary and humane new method using nanotechnology and-”.

  The TV is unplugged.

Daniel Stevens knows all about this 'revolutionary' new method. He saw the first inmate being injected with those nanobots. Just before they injected him.

“You can now live a normal life”, he was told.

“Just don't try to cause any trouble".

As if he could.

The nanobots inside him monitors his heart rate, adrenalin, brain activity and muscle use. If he even thought of doing something exciting, the technology inside would detect it and by activating the appropriate muscles, will render him incapacitated in a mater of seconds. There he'd remain motionless until the nanobots release control.

“It's like a dream” Daniel thought.
“One where I'm trying to run but can't”.

The TV turns back on...

A sci-fi thriller set in the heart of London, Defectum is an intellegent, action packed story that utilises today's technology in a chilling and all too possible future.


A full synopsis is available and the script is currently in development alongside the novel.

Sci - Fi



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